Engine of Ruin

Eloy finds himself in a Titan prison charged with murder. His only chance to escape comes when “the Doctor” Maximilian St. Clare mysteriously bails him out. The Doctor is organizing the first interstellar mission in nearly a century and wants Eloy to enlist.

Anything to get out of yet another prison. Eloy joins up and immediately regrets his decision. It now seems dubious that the Doctor recruited him for the “good aim” that got him arrested in the first place, and he learns the mission has a more sinister motivation. Long ago the Doctor kidnapped a girl named Aurora from another star system. She’s immortal, and now they are returning to that star system in hopes of finding the source of her immortality in the ancient alien structures there.

Things turn violent once they get there, putting Aurora in the crossfire between the Doctor, the wealthy corporation he stole her from, its mob partners, and even alien insurgents. Eloy will have to build an identity and become a man of action to save her. Luckily, the ragtag crew of characters will all provide him with many different examples of how to do that, from unrestrained violence to immovable integrity. Meanwhile, he gets closer to discovering why the Doctor really recruited him.

As they make their way across the ice fields of frozen moons and through alien jungles filled with monsters, will they ever find the Fountain of Youth? Will Eloy ever find himself?